Inspiration: After living with 4 other students in Isla Vista, I found communicating with your housemates quite difficult: ex. making sure that everyone pays the bill, does dishes, and takes out the trash. Similarly, communicating with your neighbors was not easy: ex. asking them to lower their music. Therefore, we turned Citrix's Poido, a business project management software, into a friendly, clever mobile application for anyone!

Target: Anyone that lives with someone or anyone that has neighbors: ex. families, college students.


  • Real-time, shared and individual task updates for you and people that you live with
  • Assigning/requesting someone to complete a task by a certain date
  • Able to view the tasks online on Podio and receive email reminders

In Progress:

  • "The Blacklist": when someone does not complete his or her task by the due date, that person goes on the Blacklist. It's where everyone that lives in the house receives a notification daily until the person complete the overdue task.

Future Development:

  • Rating: roommates, housemates, and neighbors can write reviews about you
  • "Thanks!" point system: every time your housemate completes a request/task, he or she gets a point. At the end of the month, the person with the most points pay $10.00 less for his or her bill
  • Connecting homes: homes can add nearby homes as neighbors, where you can request tasks, rate neighbors, and create events (ex. dinner, hang out, community sports games) with your neighbors
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