Recently, our team moved in together and faced challenges with staying organized and keeping track of items/tasks. We soon realized that roommates need an app that makes it extremely easy to stay organized and to collaborate on house tasks. Thus our idea for this app was born. This application isn't simply a one-time project; we have a real world application for it now and this made it all the more satisfying to create.

What it does

HouseKeepr enables members living in the same household to have a shared bulletin where they can collaboratively keep track of tasks around the house. Creating a grocery list and telling your kids to clean their room has never been easier. This app is a one-stop-shop to browse product catalogs and maintain household organization.

How we built it

We built this app using a stack of: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The app uses the Edamam Food and Groceries API to query and request grocery store items to provide a dynamic list of items based on a query.

The authentication is a simulation of how real authentication would be done using a back-end using password hashing with SHA256 and salts to add a layer of security to prevent account information of users from being vulnerable.

What's next for HouseKeepr

  • Connecting to a database and hosting on a server
  • User authentication: functionality for sign up, log in, joining/creating houses
  • Notifications for bulletin activity
  • Mobile app
  • Categorizing tasks based on users and importance

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