I was searching for the projects during the beginning of Hack APAC and my friend just called me and told that she is in a new place and searching for a house so then I realized and an idea got struck in my mind why not create a website to help tenants and owners.

What it does

HouseHunt is a website where owners can post their house details like images,video,house rent,facilities. Along with that we tried to incorporate covid map where number of covid infected and other things will be shown based on that place.

How we built it

Using MERN stack, for storing the data Mongo-db , for front end react and b-encrypt for passwords. is used for marking geofences by owners , and Google map API for showing markers on houses.

Challenges we ran into

I faced problems with integrating radar because I wanted to take tenants address and geocode it to get coordinates and mark them using google map api . But to display the house details and to integrate it I faced problem. And Network issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ideation and Research

What we learned

Learned about Radar API Google Map API

What's next for HouseHunt

Due to shortage of time I did not implement it properly, So I want to make it work properly and add features like previous house tenants can add reviews to that house.

Built With

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