According to Zoopla, the average rent in Kensington for a 2 bedroom property is £4,188 pcm. According to House Grabber, based on scraped Airbnb data, the average for rent for short term letting is £6,405 pcm. Short letting is clearly a smarter way to invest. But how and where in this booming London estate market? House Grabber will help you make the right decision!

What it does

House Grabber provides a rich set of tools to analyze the real estate market in London and identify great opportunities to invest. This is based on long-term data supplied by Zoopla compared against short term letting sites like Airbnb.

How we built it

We proudly scrapped the Airbnb website for its precious information, receiving a great IP ban for 4hours for the entire venue. After this successful hijack, we went after Zoopla, which turned out not to fight that hard.

Once the data was there it was time to hack with ESRI team. Successful collaboration created the best tool out there.

Challenges we ran into

4 hours IP ban from Airbnb. Quite a lot of data from Zoopla to process and the overwhelming rich world of ESRI's API.

Built With

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