To develope this project we toke the best of all our habilites and knowledge. This mixture generated a singular plataform for a smart home.

What it does

We designed an application that include multiple home services that help with a reduction in energy consumption. Mainly by managing the circuits of the house for example the lights, the air conditioning, the electrodomestics and many other systems that can be controled by microcontroller and a server.

How we built it

First of all we wanted that all the team members could work on the project, no matter what language or habilities they had. And we searched for a way to incorporate diferent kind of languages, the microprocessor developing, and some ideas that we looked before.

Challenges we ran into

We had to learn a lot on the road

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That many people became interested in our project even though we are younger and amateur compared to another students on the event

What we learned

-To develope conections between server languages (php) and microprocessor lenguages -To build and manage a team with different kind of skills and knowledge. -Create a work plan and optimize resources in a limited time

What's next for House On

We want to keep developing the system. Now, House On is a protoype of something so much bigger. We are working to develope a complete system that can do much more than turn on the lights. This means that the system could be able to work with a lot of electric systems including electrodomestics, Air conditioning, surveillance cameras or mechanic systems.

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