House of Sails

STACShack 2015

Team C.O.M.E.T. (@JrdnDncn, @NikkPavlov, @ScottMax_)

With energy prices as they are these days, it is more vital than ever for money to be saved, and this is where this application comes in.

Instead of leaving your heating on all day, you can access this application using its RESTful API and remotely control:

  • lighting
  • heating
  • other applicances

It is also possible to add rules to completely automate changing these, depending on results from actual temperature and light sensors installed in your home (in the included project, the house is simulated - however, it would be relatively trivial to install sensors on a raspberry pi or similar and use that to access the API).

Leap Motion controls also exist, and involve turning the lights for a room on as if you were pulling a light switch cord, and so on (check the included for more information).

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