People transitioning to college usually aren't used to cooking their own food and lack required skills in the kitchen to do so. People who don't have the skills to cook tend to cook very unhealthily resulting in an unbalanced diet. As users learn skills through using our app, they unlock more healthy recipes they can learn.

What it does

House of Carbs introduces a gamified approach to teaching users recipes in a way that will help expand their cooking skills. Users must complete three recipes per level, which teach them simple lessons to use in the proceeding levels. Recipes are broken down into very simple instructions, outlining: ingredients, tools required, and step by step instructions. If the user does not have a certain ingredient, they are directed to the item on Target's website so that they are able to purchase it.

How I built it

We built the app as a web application, using the Ionic framework with JSON, HTML and Javascript. We used Firebase for user authentication and to track user experience points. We incorporated the Target API to direct users to a location where they can purchase required ingredients.

Challenges I ran into

Learning new things about ionic for most of us was a challenge in the early development stages.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our project completion! We ran into a few bugs that we weren't sure we would be able to fix, but we came together as a team and solved them.

What I learned

We learned more in depth about the ionic framework and how to incorporate it into an application. For a couple of us, this was the first application we've ever worked on!

What's next for House of Carbs

  • Extending the levels and range of recipes
  • Cleaning up the user interface and further gamifying the experience
  • Add tutorial videos to teach users proper cutting and cooking techniques
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