Brief 📝

🧠 Inspiration

We were inspired by our own busy lives as students. From school to work, to extra curriculars and social activities, it is extremely challenging to keep track of all of our different commitments. So, for hths.hacks(), we wanted to make something to solve this problem and make people's schedules more organized. Having all the stuffs (activities) organized helps the person to be more productive and gratifying.

🖥️ What it does

Hourglass is a virtual planner. The user simply inputs their relevant data about their work, sleep, free time, mealtime, and hobbies.

Then, Hourglass generates a calendar based on the user's schedule. Users can also take a look into their activities for each day of the week using Hourglass's color-coded system. They can also add new activities when their commitments change.

👷 How we built it

We used Figma to create our prototype, as shown below:

Figma MockUp NOTE : Actual prototypes link is attached with this project.

We used HTML and CSS to design the front end part and used JavaScript to make our project functional. We have pushed all the codes on GitHub and have hosted our web app on heroku platform. In order to make our service more accessible to our users, we got a top-level domain and pointed it to our hekoru app.

Our Key Takeaways ⬇️

Challenges we ran into 😤

Timezones were a bit of a challenge because we found within the 24 hours whilst half of us were working the other half was sleeping which made distributing work hard.

💪 Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy to have made a cool project that we all see ourselves using in the soon future especially with lots of more activities to do during summer! We are also proud to have completed quite a complex project within the limited time frame.

What we learned 🤓

We learned how to communicate and work together effectively. We also learned how to manage time well and brainstorm creatively.

🤷‍♂️ What's next for Hourglass

Next up, we would like to have a login system so that people can save their schedules on their own personal page. We would also like to add some features to the website that allow for people to change their schedules during specific weeks such as examination periods.

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