About a week ago, Apple released SiriKit. However, it’s pretty limited. Sirikit supports seven actions, called intents, including texting, paying, and VoIP.

What it does

We decided to expand Siri’s capabilities. By sending custom queries through the Messaging intent, we’ve been able to expand Sirikits capabilities beyond the original seven intents. We've already built a simple Spotify intent.

How we built it

We built an iOS app which uses SiriKit. We use the Messaging Intent to let Siri send messages to our App, HoundKit, which in turn takes the query and passes it onto our Express server. From there, our server can differentiate what custom intent to run (Spotify, Houndify, etc) and what request is begin made (pause, play, choose song, search, etc).

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble rendering stuff onto the Siri UI at first. Also, parsing the natural languages and making sure there weren't any false positives was also pretty tough and time consuming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're pretty happy w/the fact that we're some of the first people to be using SiriKit, especially for something that Apple wouldn't really like...

What we learned

iOS development. Loads of JavaScript. Creative problem solving. Fuzzy searching.

What's next for HoundKit

We're going to start to make it more simple for developers to add their own custom intents.

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