We wanted to do a cool hardware hack that had never been done before. So we scoured Craigslist for something fun to play with and we found the tub.

What it does

We connected the tub to the internet with the use of Raspberry pi, Intel Edison, Arduino, and magical clouds.

How we built it

Through trial and error, mostly. That and begging the coding gods to empower us to finish the task at hand.

Challenges I ran into

Hmmmm, let's see. We used a tub at least 20 years old, only two team members had any knowledge about hardware, we had a first time hacker in our team, and one of the members of our team has since gone missing. Well, not missing but he's been absent a lot. On top of that, we had faulty hardware (an intel edison that wouldn't boot, raspberry pi's that wouldn't allow the operation of servos, etc.).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

WE. HACKED. A. HOT. TUB. !!!!!!!!!! Seriously, if that isn't cool enough, I don't know what is....

What I learned

Don't ask for permission, just do it.

What's next for When Craigslist meets MHacks

Calling a pawn shop to come pick up the tub....

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