Tinder was our inspiration, but we wanted a less aggressive approach, where instead of directly rating the attractiveness of other users, you just decide if there's anybody attractive around or not. We also wanted to give pebble and android users an edge when it comes to finding attractive people.

What it does

Hottie Alert is a pebble and android app. On a regular basis users receive a non-intrusive notification simply asking for them to look around and report if they see anybody attractive in the area. Their answer, yes or no, is then sent along with their location to our servers to create a map of the regions where attractive people are spotted the most. Users can then check out this map any time they're interested in spotting some hotties. The most interesting aspect of this application is the crowd-sourcing affect, which will promote a healthy balance among users of a range of "interests" and create the definition of a "hot spot" as a zone where people whom the average user will find attractive tend to be.

How I built it

We created the pebble and android apps using the native C and Android SDKs. Each of these apps are very simplistic in nature, only requiring the user to specify their sexual interest, and then occasionally report whether they are in a hot spot or a not spot. The back end is managed as a firebase module. This allows us to easily use their RESTful API from the Pebble and Android app to record simple JSON objects containing a user's preferences, their location, and whether they spotted a hottie. This allows us to record the data, but we did not get to actually processing any of it. We also created a web front end to allow the users to access the data anywhere, and see where the hot spots are. We intended to show the hot spots on a Google Map, but due to time and knowledge restrictions, the website currently depicts a hard-coded set of hot spots, to demonstrate the end result

Challenges I ran into

We ran into problems trying to implement FireBase as our backend. For a while it prevented us from continuing with development, as the web front end was waiting for data from the back end and our mobile applications needed to post their data to the back end. In the end, we were able to implement data storage with FireBase, but did not manage to complete any processing of the data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of helping my team get this app mostly done, and having the front end fully completed.

What I learned

We learned a lot in developing an android and pebble application, as well as various methods of accessing a back end and the resources available to us. We also developed team skills and experience with a larger project in which the different components begin to interact with each other and how everything quickly becomes dependent on other pieces.

What's next for Hottie Alert

Continued development here Fixing the backend is our top priority.

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