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When we were thinking of ideas, one of us pulled a book out of their backpack. Upon seeing it, we thought about how much books cost and whether any value can be retained after finishing the book. We considered making a used book marketplace, but went for an exchange service instead because it's more unique and has more potential to be an interesting app that can connect people and books.

What it does

A user can list their book to trade it for a different one. When someone else is interested in that book, they can contact them through the app to arrange a place to meet up and exchange books in person.

How we built it

We used Hasura to create a realtime database in order to facilitate instant communication. Our frontend is built from the Angular2 web framework with styles from Materialize.

Challenges we ran into

Since Hasura was launched fairly recently, there is not very much user input from sites such as StackOverflow. We had to contact their support directly to get started with our project. (They were very helpful!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting in line for lunch

Improving dancing skills

Actually finishing an app in 9 hours

Learning how to use Hasura

What we learned

We improved our web development skills and learned how to use Hasura.

What's next for

Adding more social features like discussion boards and comments to strengthen the sense of community can provide. We can also continue refining other aspects like book listings and requests, as well as connecting users globally.

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