What it does

Last polls reveal that insecurity is one of the major concerns among people. With this web app, we pretend to offer a collaborative service for people to report any incident they could find themselves into. You can visualize on a map any incident recently reported around you and verify it as long as you concur its veracity.

Apart from that, our app can help

How we built it

We designed a web app that enables citizens to report incidents in real time as well as check the incidents around them.

The app has a 3 part architecture.


Database used to store user inputs with more information extracted from external APIs/DBs.


The REST API currently acts as the main "controller" of the whole system. The API fetches and merges the external data when a user inputs new data. Our API es fully documented and can be tested directly from the documentation itself.

React Frontend

We designed a highly functional app in React that lets the user easily report new events and check the events around them.

The fact that API is the only element that interacts with our react front-end gives us the chance to develop further possibilities and add-ons for our platform much easily.

The way in which we collect user reports while mixing it with other territory related data, could enable a wide range of opportunities to develop research projects that could help us identify new risk factors for those incidents.

Challenges we ran into

None of us knew react, and we had to deploy a full architecture which had to be capable of processing user input and displaying our content interactively.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a functional and visually appealing web app that serves all the features that we originally designed it to have.

What we learned

React, MongoDB, Python, REST API design, Express.js, Node.js, FastAPI, dataset handling...

What's next for HotSpots

Deploy our web app to a public server as well as enabling public endpoints so that everyone can get useful information from our API and debug the possible errors.

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