What it does

Our goal is to help alleviate scheduling issues for small, last minute meetings. Hotspot allows employees to request a room by being put in a queue. When an available room appears they will then be set up with that room for the allotted amount of time they signed up for.

How we built it

To allow for the room availability to be fluid we set up a database that has a set of rooms that are designed specifically for small short meetings and using a RFID beacon we are able to detect when employees check in and out of the room to indicate to us when a meeting has started or ended. If the meeting runs over time or gets over sooner, we send out live text updates through Twilio and Slack to update the next group that their room available and if any room changes needed to be made to accommodate their needs. Groups are able to sign up for a room easily through either text or slack message.

What's next for Hotspot

Hotspot can be set up in the future so that it encompasses all conference rooms and meetings that are scheduled in advance to make scheduling easily accessible for all teams and would allow for more rooms to be easily used when unoccupied. This can also be altered to cater to University student's needs for group meetings and study sessions as well as other businesses.

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