Inspiration: This project was inspired from an existing project I am working on for iOS profile distribution.

How it works: The webpage takes in user information to give them a customized wifi profile to download. Service providers can use this to distribute wifi profiles for their services to their subscribers and keep strack of the state of their profiles.

Challenges I ran into: I had some initial problems understanding the library but after installing Composer, everything worked.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: just getting everything synced and working makes me feel great. I took a lot of knowledge out of this project. A lot of coding and debugging practice for web development.

What I learned: Stated above, I learned a lot of new tricks for web development.

What's next for Hotspot 2.0 Profile distribution with SendGrid: Hopefully this project can get integrated with some wifiportals when Internet of Everything gets bigger. I want wifi to be easy and convenient for everyone so people can get integrated to the system. Having customers on-board easily is a big deal.

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