You don't have Internet connection, but you want to use Bing anyway cuz you're a hopeless Internet addict. Or you want to find cheap hotel deals. HotlineBing can help.

What it does

Allows you to use Bing via text messaging, search for hotel deals using natural language (that's right no prompts) using HP-HavenOnDemand Extract Entity API

How I built it

Nodejs, Express, HP-HavenOnDemand, BrainTree API, Bing API, PriceLine API

Challenges I ran into

Twilio Voice API requires an upgraded account so this is not really a hotline (*sighs Drake), general asynchronous JS flow conflicts with our expectation of how our app should flow, integrating Braintree API is also hard given the nature of our hack

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Get some functionality working

What I learned

JS is a pain to work with

What's next for HotlineBing

More polished version: improve natural language processing, allow for more dynamic workflow, send Drake gifs via MMS??

Built With

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