About 6 out of 10 people in this world do not have internet access, we aim to help level the playing field for students without access.

Our service provides students with easy access to the world's most powerful computational engine, Wolfram Alpha, through a simple phone call. This allows underprivileged students worldwide to have access to conveniences normally offered to students of more developed counties. This aid to their learning helps not only their grades improve, but their knowledge as well.

What it does:

The main purpose of Hotline Calc is provide a the power of a computational and research engine for those without internet access. With a simple call Hotline Calc answers most of the same questions that a simple internet search would answer, but without the need of a computer. All you have to do is ask your questions and our app will compute it.

How it was built:

Hotline Calc was created using node.js and utilizes the twilio API for Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech translation, and the Wolfram Alpha API for a research.

Challenges we ran into:

Some challenges we ran into while creating Hotline Calc was translating speech to text and vice versa using the twilio API. The twilio api documentation for node.js was horribly underdone. However we managed to resolve this by asking from help from a mentor, who guided us in the right direction.

Accomplishment that we are proud of:

  • Being able to utilize multiple RESTful APIs in our service.
  • Being able to problem solve when we were stuck.
  • Going from knowing near nothing about node.js to creating a functional program.
  • Being able to come up with a creative solution to a common worldwide problem for many students with financial limitations.

What we learned:

  • How to use the translation features of the Twilio API.
  • How to use the Wolfram API.
  • Program development with node.js.

What's next for Hotline Calc:

In the future we hope to solve some of the Speech-to-Text translation issues, as Twilio does't always perfectly translate speech. We also want implement support for foreign languages in order to target students world-wide.

Experience the beta today by calling: (424) 231-62903

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