As social beings we often times need to feel that we are not alone. Sometimes all it takes to feel better about a certain situation or emotional/mental state is the fact others feel it too. Empathy is main driving force that brings us together.

What it does

Hotline Blurb allows users to anonymously post a blurb (short thought, expression, feeling, etc) and it will be displayed on a feed. Users can comment on specific blurbs with the intention of letting author (anonymous) he/she also feels the same. The original author will then be notified of the comment and can also reply. The idea is let users have a place where they can anonymously post there fears, heartbreaks, worries, thoughts, etc. and have a mini discussion thread on them.

How I built it

On the front-end: HTML, CSS, Bootsrap, JavaScript, AngularJS Back-end: MongoDB, Mongoose, NodeJS, ExpressJS

Challenges I ran into

We didn't have enough time to build out the RESTfull API service and most of the back-end (authentication, persisting data etc.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to get a rough prototype of the front-end that could demonstrate the proof of concept.

What I learned

I learned more about working with the MEAN stack

What's next for Hotline Blurb

I plan on finishing the back-end and implementing user authentication.

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