Holidays are fun. The planning? Not so much.

We want holiday planning to be an unobtrusive and fluid experience.

What it does

Send us the photo of your dream holiday, or just describe it!

We will understand exactly where you want to go and show you the best hotels you can stay in.

How we built it

We extract keywords from the text and images you sent us through Microsoft and Google's NLP and Vision proccessing APIs. These keywords can be as simple as "Wine" or even a landmark such as the "Eiffel Tower." We put these keywords through our magical city finder intelligence which finds the best city associated with these keywords. We execute this query on a Azure Sql Server instance which allows our query times to stay as low as possible.


Challenges we ran into

We had some trouble integrating the API Services into our Bot and we had to work on optimizing our SQL queries to obtain good results while keeping the query response time low.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

It is just wonderfully cool to talk to a machine!

What we learned

Never set your goals too high. Plan reasonably, split the workload evenly.

What's next for hotL

  • Porting to other bot platforms
  • Implementing new ways to search for hotels
  • A caching system for queries so that the response time is decreased further.

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