When seeking to obtain the best value for money in hotel booking, current booking websites are limited. As a traveller, we are usually forced to book a single hotel in a location despite staying more than one night there. As a result, travel can be costlier and less enjoyable for travellers. Our solution reinvents the booking process by enabling tourists look for the best value/quality combination of multiple hotel properties in the same city.

How it works

It works in a traditional booking way except you as a traveller are presented not only with single hotel choices.

Challenges we ran into

We chose a platform which was not our strongest one so we had to move to another platform after several hours into the project. We were hoping to integrate more APIs, but time constraints didn't allow us to integrate more than two API - one from Sabre Travel called Hotel REST API Hotel Shopping Endpoint and GIATA - GIATA Hotel Guide Multilingual On the GIATA API we managed to use the description and the pictures, but only in English, not multi-language capabilities yet

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our development talent managed to build a prototype which makes use of two APIs - one from Sabre and one from GIATA - GIATA Hotel Guide Multilingual We produced a nice user interface with good graphics and clear logic for the traveller

What we learned

Developed our knowledge of APIs Identified areas to improve in our understanding of node.js Improve team skill set identification and project management Right person to tackle right tasks Build on back end knowledge and experience Team work and communication

What's next for HotelSplitter

Expand Search Criteria Deployment to countries worldwide - Net Media Planet states conversions increase by 70% when websites fully localised Integration with various services such as: GIATA Multilingual, TripCase, TripAdvisor, Uber, Airbnb, GetYourGuide, HomeAway, Housetrip and other potential partners

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