Mix of: bad internet connection at the begging of the first day of hackathon :D + NLP + curiosity about travel industry.

What it does

User can send sms to +12133753714 i.e. "Cheap motel in San Francisco" or "Hotel near Disneyland Paris" or "Hotel with pool in Moscow". will response with top-3 matches from expedia.

How I built it

Node.js + APIs

Challenges I ran into

SMS WebHooks with RingCentral's (already fixed on their side).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Domain name is kinda cool -))) I worked solo and spent just couple hours coding this, which was fun.

What I learned

RingCentral's and Expedia's APIs rule!

What's next for

More fun :-) Play more with API.AI and build automatic concierge service.

TRY IT may not work at the moment (updating an A records), but please feel free to send your SMS to +12133753714 with hotels related requests.

(Or call me on my mobile: 4157129410 if you want to see a demo right away.)

Best regards, (and many thanks for organising this!) Dmytro

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