Rent the car anywhere in the world. Anyone in the world can rent their own car. Anyone can rent a car at the right time. Without intermediaries. A smart contract will ensure the secure exchange of information between two strangers.

What problems did we solve?

For car’s owner: There is no way to share your car and make money on it. For renter: There is no possibility to rent a car without intermediaries.

What it does

Initially, the car owner creates a smart contract for renting his car using the web interface. Creates a key to access your car and writes to the blockchain. The renter can view the list of cars available for rent. This list is formed from the available data from the SkyScanner and the list of smart contracts on the server. The renter chooses the desired car and makes a deposit in the smart contract for the rental. After that, he receives from the smart contract an electronic key to access the car. The renter can open the car using the ticket. When using the car, information is sent to the smart contract 1 time in 5 minutes. And the calculation of the spent funds. After using the car, the old ticket is blocked and unspent funds are returned to the renter’s account. The owner of the car can pick up the money earned, referring to the smart contract. The owner can track the movement of his car in his account and stop the rental at the right time.

How we built it

Personal account of the car owner is implemented as a web interface using javascript, html5 and css3. The smart contract is written in the language of Solidity on the platform Ethereum and is implemented in the Rinkeby test network. The use of Api SkyScanner and integration with existing smart contracts takes place on the SpringBoot server. For the user created a mobile application for android. To gain access to the car and open the door, the NSF interacts with the smart card.

Challenges we ran into

SkyScanner Facebook TargetPartners MLH Here

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is the full MVP version of the system in 24 hours.

What we learned

.Here API SkyScanner API Using Blockchain Solidity

What's next for CarChain

Presented MVP and build pilot-version of this problem.

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