A game that wasn't impossible to make and could be a real product to sell in the marketplace as well as a new twist/spin on a classic with a lot of room for new things.

What it does

Provides a Hotel Tycoon short demo game experience.

How I built it

Practice and extensive knowledge of my toolset with Unity3D.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of proper sleep so that I wasn't able to focus to my best. I had a hard time making pretty code due to the time constraints so it's officially the ugliest code and data structure set I've ever written.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

If not quickly, steadily moving forward constantly in my development. Never stopping when I sat down in my chair.

What I learned

Maybe plan my classes a little beforehand and always have a whiteboard ready. Visualization is an important part of my being able to properly see connections between connecting structures.

What's next for Hotel Tycoon

Hopefully one day reworking the ugly ugly code I wrote. Before that though, I would like to finish this product for sure and sell it on the market. I think now that the basics are down, the main thing will be getting art properly into the setting I currently have and doing the fine tweaks and turns to produce a very good Hotel Tycoon game.

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