For HackMann this year we decided we wanted to design a fun and entertaining website since we’ve found ourselves pretty starved for entertainment throughout quarantine. We were inspired by The Bored Button, and wanted our website to provide a similar experience. Hotdog Stew is quick and easy game to play. You answer a series of 5 random controversial questions and receive a controversial score at the end. Such questions could include, “Is a hot dog a sandwich” and “Is Cereal a stew”? This website not only gives users the ability to plan the game on their own but also allows them to communicate with others in a comments section which appears at the end of each question.

We didn't remember much of html when we entered this hackathon, so this was definitely a great refresher! We also learned about Flask and we all participated in a very helpful workshop about it!

Hope you enjoy!

Also, this is all of our first hackathons, so we are beginners and our video is being shared on Google Drive.

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