We have been looking for office space before and we have talked to a lot of startups that would like to sublet instead of renting an office on their own. At the same time, we have seen enough office spaces that have spare space and would gladly give away a few spots if the overall handling cost for that are low enough.

What it does

Our solution is a platform that connects people who look for short term office space and offices who have spaces left. Office Managers can enter a space into the platform, our solution calculates an automatic price and publishes the listing. The tenant can browse the offices and book a space for him or more people for a certain date. He then gets send an automatic confirmation including a QR-Code that allows him to enter the office. On top of that, he gets a pre-filled NDA that mitigates the privacy concerns of the companies renting out the office. The office manager is able to scan the QR-Code of the tenant upon arrival and thus provide them with space. Overall the solution captures the whole process of short-term subletting of office space, while driving down the handling cost for the office managers.

How we built it

The main components of the solution are the website for the tenant, who can view listings and book listings. The booking side requires additional info of the tenant. Then the next component is the page for the offices to enter a workplace to the website. Here we solved the pricing question by clustering the office spaces into Basic, Standard and Premium workplaces using a k-means algorithm.

Next is a solution for the office manager of the landlord to scan the QR-Code of the tenant. We do this using a JWT-Token saving all necessary data in the QR-Code enabling offline functionality. Lastly we provide landlords with an overview of what bookings are coming up and what bookings where in the past.

Challenges we ran into

On the user side, the problems we tackle are transaction cost related. Therefore, concerning identity questions and legal questions. On the technical side

  1. Encrypted Token
  2. Recognizing a certain class of workspace quality

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've implemented a full end to end flow. From offering a desk, dynamic price calculation by our algorithm, booking a desk, ticket generation and ticket validation by the office manager.

What we learned

How to build a product, with an agile and lean approach.

What's next for HotDesk

Validating, whether companies would use it and post their space. Gather potential tenants feelings about sharing a space.

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