Hot Weather Thermometer

NEW FEATURE in version name 1.1 We added city name to main screen. We implemented two more screens - one to show that the weather data is loading, and one for errors. Also now user don't have to reload application when he changes place, the data on Gear device is reloading automatically now.

With this application, Hot Weather Thermometer, you can check at any time the weather and the temperature and weather forecast for the next few days. The app works anywhere in the world.

It has many useful features:

  • New! Widget on Samsung GEAR

  • New! temperature display on the status bar (optional)

  • You can put a simple widget on your smartphone or tablet desktop that will show you the current temperature

  • You can choose different graphical and color themes

  • You can check the weather: rain, cloudy, sun, temperature max / min, to the next days

  • The application displays the current pressure and the trend (increase or decrease)

  • You can check the time of sunrise and sunset

  • The temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit

    New capabilities with the Samsung Gear through the connection between an Android app and Gear widget. Because of this feature you gain access to the temperature and weather conditions directly on Samsung Gear.

    The backgrounds of Android and Samsung Gear apps are adjusting to the current temperature, blue background for low temperatures, red for hot temperature etc.(on Android app you have to choose the "Thermometer" theme)

In the future we want to add the weather conditions alerts on a Gear device like coming storm, hail, whirlwind, blizzards. sudden change of temperature etc.

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