In the summer months paved surfaces reach dangerous temperatures. These surface temperatures can often be extreme enough to cause injury to pets on their daily walks. In fact, our animals’ feet can be just as sensitive to heat as human feet and are highly susceptible to blistering and burns. This is an issue that is commonly overlooked due to the fact that the phenomena is not visible to humans. For example, on an average Summer day with seventy-degree weather, the average asphalt temperature is ~125 degrees. Exposure to these scorching temperatures can lead to discomfort and potential injury. A lack of awareness of this issue within the pet owner community poses a threat to animal safety.

We intend to solve this problem by raising awareness and providing information concerning the dangerous outdoor surface temperatures. We will provide analysis of local data that visualizes heat patterns for various paved surfaces. Additionally, we will identify a range of dangerous temperatures and surfaces to avoid in real time throughout the day. This can be done by notifying owners of dogs when the surfaces temperatures are potentially dangerous for dog walking. Helping dog owners understand the dangers of walking your pet on paved surfaces can provide key information to make informed decisions on walking routes. Thus providing an overall better walking experience for you and your pet.

We will create an application that will provide information to users in an intuitive and effective way. We will create a local 3D model in order to visualize the terrain and provide accurate spatial context for the user. The visualization of local data within the 3D scene will display surface temperatures of various land covers within the model. A heat map will be displayed for users to identify and understand the where the hottest and coolest surfaces are located. With these insights, the user is equipped to define a “pawsitive” and safe route to walk their dog.

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