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About the dapp

Controversial opinions up for debate. Tamper-proof polls with results recorded on the public ledger.
Cast a vote on existing polls. Or post a hot take and gather insights on public sentiment in open discourse.

How I built it

  • I cloned Moralis' first dapp tutorial repo and used that as boilerplate.
  • Tinkered with the code and ended up breaking something so I need to backtrack.
  • Compiled + deployed smart contract to localhost network + Polygon Mumbai testnet.
  • Contract address on PolygonScan: 0xfC6b9abf3B8139edeEd5CF94162ffA7f72898c8d

Challenges I ran into

This isn't one of the project ideas I submitted at midway check-in. But the dapps I want to build require advanced technical skills + a solid grasp of DeFi, cryptocurrencies, price feeds, NFTs, proof of identity, tokenization, interoperability with Chainlink oracles, etc. in discerning whether the technical complexity, data permanence, and slow, costly transactions are viable, sustainable alternatives to centralized systems, particularly to understand how they can help vulnerable, underrepresented communities without unintended consequences of illusive ideals under a false sense of security.

It's difficult to understand how all the pieces fit together when just starting out. I'm only beginning to learn what a wei/gwei is and the names of different blockchain networks + tokens. I still need to learn how to mint/trade NFTs, bridge networks, transfer/swap/stake tokens, etc. Navigating the crypto blockchain space is not intuitive. In short, I believe I need to onboard as a user first before I can build a dapp on any protocol, specifically Chainlink.

With zero knowledge of Solidity & Hardhat + less than a week to learn & build, I found that hacking with Moralis' code kit was the best way to get started 🚀. Moralis' first dapp workshop was very helpful & beginner friendly. This was the first time I saw how the front end connects with a smart contract and how a contract gets deployed to blockchain 🤯. Hopefully, Moralis/Chainlink can release more YT code-along tutorials on building full-stack dapps with Hardhat + React (without Typescript) + Moralis + Chainlink (price feed, VRF, and external API calls) all together. Please consider this 🥺

TL;DR Learning curve is steep.

Learning Web3 blockchain be like:

man pushing rock up mountain cartoon gif 1 man pushing rock up mountain cartoon gif 2 man pushing rock up mountain cartoon gif 2

Before & After

smiling, fast snail cartoon tired, slow snail cartoon
Source: GIFs [1][2][3][4][5][6]

What I learned

Smart contract deployment, Hardhat, unit testing with Chai, solidity/blockchain/crypto/metamask basics, intro to Moralis + Polygon network, different blockchain networks support different cryptocurrencies, funding metamask wallet with test tokens from faucet, that accounts generated from Hardhat are public, shared accounts (learned this the 'expensive' way)

Oh, and I also learned that Visual Studio Code is free + open source 😯

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • A little less confused than before.
  • Hopefully, I can level up enough to participate for real next time
  • Trying to be open-minded/optimistic about Web3 amidst all the hype, skepticism, speculation, and abhorrent nft + crypto bots, shills, and scams polluting social media 😒
  • Thanks to Chainlink, I finally made the switch to Visual Studio Code!
    Should have done this way sooner. But better late than never.

Project Repo

  GitHub Repo

Note: In case I push more changes to the repo after the hackathon has ended, please refer to commit 0234ee44ef0bda1f3f4a3cc13a0c5f0cf643e9b1 for the preliminary version when judging. Thanks!

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