Turning Waste Heat into a valuable assets

Computing is energy intensive

_ Most is cooling costs_ Talk About inefficiency! � _ We spend money heating and cooling spaces at the same time _ ** How can we can turn waste into valuable product? **

Rather than trying to make processing run cooler, what if we used the heat in a valuable way?

** Where and how can we best use this heat?** _ What do we use that’s hot, every day of the year, regardless of season or climate? _ _ Its in every school, business, home. It’s built into most modern structures. _ ** It’s Hot Water!**

Wait what?

It’s all about Co-location co-location co-location

_ Using the modern technologies of the cloud and distributed computing, the physical location of the computers doing the processing is less important than it’s ever been _

But how and where?

In homes, businesses and every modern building there's a hot water heater

But how do we combine computing and hot water production?

Heating element upgrade Let’s replace the existing electric hot water coil with a cleverly designed computer designed and engineered to swap right into existing hot water heaters. Where the heating element would normally go!

Old Technology

Heat is produced by resistance to the electron flow in a static material

New Technology

Heat is produced while we're accomplishing valuable computing tasks!

Let’s plug it into the internet and the magic happen as every hot water heater becomes part of a global distributed computing system


I’m taking a shower and need hot water, My hot water heater turns on like it always does But instead of just heating up a metal coil the processing fires up, accepting useful computing task, computation, etc crunches the numbers, analyzes data, etc and then spits the results back to computing job's originator

Fulfilling everyone’s needs Computing efficiency realized! No need to deal with that pesky waste heat, now it’s the valuable asset But wait, there’s more! A nice hot shower! And… It doesn’t end there Data collection and predictive analytics regarding water use allow us to maximize value: use the energy when it’s cheap in a way that’s transparent to consumer except for lowered energy costs._ Allow maximal efficient use of power grid and at times of peak generation to help enable green production methods to become more of a reality. Can Integrates well with existing and developing smartgrid technologies

How do we get there from here?

Software framework partially exists and commercial development is already ongoing in the market Hardware needs to be hammered out Various business approaches could be pursued, these deserve considerable analysis End-user owns the product, sells the processing on an open marketplace? SaaS and PaaS providers sell/rent/give away the hardware A new hot water industry? Or is it a distributed computing business. It’s a convergence.

It’s a crazy idea. It's a hot idea! Is the world ready? You decide! Reduce Energy Use Globally Reuse existing systems like already installed hot water heaters, and distributed computing models Recycle the ‘waste’ into valuable assets

hot idea

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