Our inspiration came from looking a ball and thinking about how much it must cost to by sensors to do labs with it. This lead us to the realization that the price that schools have to pay for lab equipment is extremely high and unjust. This hack was to give more access to learning tools.

What it does

This system was designed to be made up of sensing tools used for science labs such as photogates and temperature probes but made for a much lower price than equipment usually purchased by schools. The system reads the data from the sensors and sends it to a microcontroller to perform simple tasks like finding temperature over time, or sensors to start and stop a timer for use in labs. Furthermore, an application was designed that was meant to easily control the inputs from the sensors and display them.

How I built it

This system was built using an atmega reprogrammable microcontroller on the Arduino IDE, and the application was made on Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge that we ran into was properly reading form a serial bus on an Android device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We successfully made three prototypes of the hardware and can successfully use, display data from them and run small tasks using the serial port on a computer.

What I learned

We all learned much more about Android Studio.

What's next for Hot Dog Physics

Completing the Application and linking results form personal experiments to a web-based server for teacher use in large classrooms.

Built With

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