In a world of many groceries and farmer markets, a nice stalk of corn is probably waiting for that slab of butter that is just right. This is our audience.

What it does

Allows users to make an account, and match with other users to build dishes. These dishes are discovered when they find a valid combination. Badges are obtained as your pantry grows with more connections!

Users create an account and select their starting ingredient. Upon selection, they are then matched with other users. Don’t need beef to complete your recipe? Throw that out. Need pasta? Swipe the heck right. Build your recipes as you swipe, but don’t be too generous - you’ll run out of portions.

How we built it

Front-end: Ionic, Adobe XD

Back-end: Node.js, Mongoose, MongoDB, Heroku

Challenges we ran into

Spent 3 hours debugging API result, Postman was set to Text, not JSON. ASYNC is Terrible!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app is aesthetically pleasing, and everyone learned something. We wrote a LOT of code.

What we learned

Taylor: Familiarized myself with JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB

Steve: Introduced myself to Mongoose application

Alex: Learned how much more I love Angular than Ionic

Emily: Learned Ionic, and also that I hate JavaScript

All: Don't make a Node.js API unless you understand JavaScript

What's next for Hot Beef

Given more time, we’d like to integrate $0.99 in-app purchases to replenish your portions when depleted. We’d also like to integrate location-based services so that you can match based on proximity. We want to integrate food varieties, i.e. the Italian food track, the Ethiopian food track, etc. The opportunities are endless.

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