This bridge is located on the 10th. North end avenue of zone 5 of the capital city of Guatemala, adjacent to part of the facilities of the Mateo Flores Stadium.

On September 15, 1896, it already existed, because on that date it was considered perhaps the most beautiful work in all of Central America, and that it would effectively contribute to the beautification of the boulevards of that city, among which it is, and as a continuation of that 10th. avenue, the "Boulevard del 30 de Junio", or "Boulevard 30 de Junio", named this way since June 30, 1894, according to government decree number 499, today nominated as Avenida La Reforma.

They were aware, in that year of 1896, that it had barely been armed and placed, the resistance tests were carried out, and that those tests had resolved to be satisfactory, from every point of view.

They understood that one of the locomotives, the "Reyna Barrios", by then, had already traveled the bridge numerous times, pulling several wagons carrying merchandise, and that practical experience had proven that nothing justified the fears, spread by certain people, against their resistance.

The aforementioned locomotive had that name in honor of General José María Reina Barrios (José María Reyna Barrios) constitutional president of the Republic of Guatemala (1892-1898).

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