To make the hostel registration process more advanced as well as easy for both parents and the hostel authorities as well as make the process seamless and reduce time constrains on the students and To help manage the registration process better

What it does

Student can login through the registration page by filling all their details, after filling the details the dashboard pops up, students can see attendance and many more... For hostel registration students have to fill all their details and choose the rooms according to availability

How I built it

IN 1st Login page we actually used HTML-CSS ( for structure and designing the web-page) PHP( for structuring the database of login so selected people can login in it is the second web-page of my project (Dashboard).

In 2nd Dashboard page we use:- HTML-CSS ( as usual) JavaScript ( we use it to upload profile picture(you can daily upload new picture in profile picture) [ its non-functional and only put as a future prospect]

the 3rd web-page of the project( Registration Page) It only use HTML-CSS Here user can fill all the necessary detail regarding to hostel registration (if he/she need a room in hostel) And after filling all the detail we just want to simply click on next for the ROOM-SELECTION .

So this is the 4th web-page of our project ( Room Booking)

Here we use:- HTML-CSS( as we know) JavaScript (We use this for making RESPONSIVE room selection feature) Here user can select their room of their own choice by hovering over it and selecting and also select the floor of their own choice

In caution there are further detail regarding fee-structure, rules and regulation, mess-fee ,etc-etc.

Challenges I ran into

1)Making blue print of room selection
2) Auto Changeable Background image

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made a responsive web page where students can login and book hostel rooms easily , also made a blue print for room selection procedure. Auto changeable image background

What I learned

1)More about CSS colors 2)java - scripts 3)PHP for login 4)more practice for HTML and CSS

What's next for hostel-Registration

1)A new user can register by themselves 2)Better CSS 3)Fluent respond 4)Better protection 5)For now we only have two ID’s 6) Student can upload their profile picture 7)Add payment page later 8)Make the navigation system more responsive(which are actually just a dummy navigation for now

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