• My inspiration for this project is the tendency of medical facilities such as hospitals lacking in terms of technology, with this virtual automated HospQueue app, we will be saving more lives by saving more time for healthcare workers to focus on the more important tasks.
  • Also amidst the global pandemic, managing the crowd has been one of the prime challenges of the government and various institutions. That is where HospQueue comes to the rescue. HospQueue is a webapp that allows you to join a queue virtually which leads to no gathering hence lesser people in hospitals that enables health workers to have the essentials handy.
  • During the pandemic, we have all witnessed how patients in need have to wait in lines to get themselves treated. This led to people violating social distancing guidelines and giving the opportunity for the virus to spread further.
  • I had an idea to implement HospQueue that would help hospitals to manage and check-in incoming patients smoothly.

What it does

It saves time for healthcare workers as it takes away a task that is usually time-consuming. On HospQueue, you can check into your hospital on the app instead of in person. Essentially, you either don’t go to the hospital until it is your turn, or you stay into the car until you are next in line. This will not only make the check-in process for all hospitals easier and more convenient and safe but will also allow health care workers to focus on saving more people.

How I built it

The frontend part was built using HTML and CSS. The backend was built using Flask and Postgresql as the database.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges I ran into were completing the database queries required for the system. I also had trouble with making the queue list work effectively. Hosting the website on Heroku was quite a challenge as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am glad to have implemented the idea of HospQueue that I thought of at the beginning of the hackathon. I made the real-time fetching and updating of the database successful.

What I learned

  • I learned how to fetch and update the database in real time.
  • I learned how to deploy an app on Heroku using Heroku's Postgresql database.

What's next for HospQueue

HospQueue will add and register hospitals so it is easier to manage. I also hope to integrate AI to make it easier for people to log in, maybe by simply scanning a QR code. Finally, I will also create a separate interface in which doctors can log in and see all the people in line instead of having to pull it from the program.

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