Life-threatening illnesses often require critical surgeries and treatments that are so specialized, that they are only offered hours away from a patients home. Patients who cannot afford housing and transportation for their critical surgeries and treatments due to their socioeconomic status are forced to decline life-saving treatments or face crippling financial issues due to the steep cost of travel/housing on top of medical costs. Alleviating this burden of transportation/housing from patients facing life threatening illnesses can help increase the accessibility of the medical care they must receive and improve the patient's quality of life.

What it does

Often patients from rural areas must travel large distances in order to get to hospitals for treatments to life threatening diseases. Traveling to the destination and booking a stay for the duration of the treatment are unavoidable expenses. HOSPITALity works by matching patients in rural areas with volunteers near them who are willing to provide housing or travel aid.

How I built it

UI prototyping was done through XCode, iOS development was done using Swift, and Google Firebase was used for authentication and data storage.

Challenges I ran into

  • Apple licensing issues caused some serious issues in running the app on an iPhone
  • Dealing with async-await in Swift

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • For some of us, building an iOS app for the first time!
  • Using firebase for the first time
  • The look and feel of our UI

What I learned

Two of our first time hackathon attendees learned how to use XCode/Swift iOS development as well as UI/UX prototyping. We also learned how to use firebase.

What's next for HOSPITALity

The next steps for us include incorporating location tracking into HOSPITALity to allow the volunteer and patient to track rides. Additionally, the app currently sorts patients by proximity to volunteers, we want to find a better way to optimize a match.

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