We always noticed that people face problem while visiting the hospital tranparancy in hospitals specialy in Laboratories and pharmacies is a Big question .Similarly the management in hospital is not automated in most of hospital i tried to target this problem by creating hospital management system which can cope with hospitals in our area

What it does

Hospitaly is Web Based Complete Management System for Hospitals. Manages Administrative control along with standard access and different login to Doctor, Patient, Nurse, Accountant, Receptionist, Laboratory and Pharmacist for all necessary facilities

Modules and Features

Accounting Management Appointment Management Bed Management Billing & Invoicing Claims Management Expense Tracking Human Resource Management In-Patient Management Inventory Management Out-Patient Management Patient Records Management Physician Management Policy Management Revenue Management

How I built it

For front-end i used html5 Bootstrapp Jquerry Node.js Back-end is developed in Php CodeIgniter Frame work SQL Data Base

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am able to keep this Managment system online so that People at home can also view their results and history .My aim is to end the traditional paper based information processing

What I learned

I learned and explored new technologies. I learned that how to work the hard way in order to achieve what is required in a short span of time hence improved my programming capabilities.

What's next for Hospital Management System

I will extend this Hospital Management system more also provide the android application to link with this System .I will also work on the feedback provided

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