One of our group members recanted a time they had a discussion with one of their nursing. They discussed in detail how long-stay patients at hospitals have very limited access to the outside world and tend to see the same faces everyday. With the rise of the pandemic, hospitals have drastically limited the number of people that are allowed to visit thus bringing the amount of interactions patients have to a very small amount each day. This has had a tremendous impact on long-stay patients at hospitals as due to their circumstances they may find it much more difficult to easily interact with others during these challenging times. We wanted to build an app designed for patients who have limited social contact to help them find people that may be going through the same things as them.

What it does

We designed a hospital-specific messaging app that facilitates patient to patient interaction and streamlines patient to staff communication.

Our web application provides a service for hospitals allowing their patients to register with our site and search for other people to connect with in the same hospital. Patients may ‘swipe’ through profiles of other registered patients at the hospital. If a patient finds a particular person interesting they may ‘heart’ their profile and begin to privately message them. Once liked, the person will be added to the patients contact list where the patient can reach them at any time.

Our application also includes a general chat functionality where anyone can chat and see chats posted in general messages. Here doctors and nurses can provide announcements and facilitates another layer of patient communication.

Upon registering, patients have the ability to customize their profile with their “About me” section.

How we built it

-Stack Overflow

-React + Hooks



-Informative Blog Posts


Challenges we ran into

-Deployment, backend, front end, version control

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-👑👑 Robb 👑👑

-Learned new technologies!

-Building a functional app in 36 hours!

What we learned

-We learned how to make a gradient in CSS

-We learned react, node, firebase, javascript, css, html

-Proper version control through github

What's next for Hospital Hangout


-Create more interactive-social features like multiplayer games

-Language translation to allow for better communication between patients and staff

-Scalability (Having a network of communication that includes multiple hospitals)

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