We were inspired by the ongoing pandemic and how hospitals and other health officials are struggling. We wanted to help by providing a data management system, something that hospitals often struggle with.

What it does

This project assigns each person a health ID, which, when entered into a database, allows for doctors/health officials to retrieve health information on that person. This health ID never changes per person, and it is extremely confidential.

How we built it

We built this using 3 main languages: HTML, CSS, and Python. Using, we created the website which allows for multiple pages.

For the front-end, I created a website, something which I haven’t done in awhile, with The website allows one to look at the project, learn more about it, and also look at scenarios that are possible with the site. I also (tried to) learn how to integrate python code with HTML in a few different ways (although it ultimately failed as of now and the integration is still a work-in-progress).

For the back-end code, this was the first time I was creating databases using different SQL libraries. Due to this, it was difficult for me to first try and implement these databases. However, I learned more and more about it online and in the end,

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a variety of issues- the website code not working, creating the database, etc. However, we were able to resolve our issues- except one.

The biggest challenge that we ran into was integrating the front-end (which Shivani wrote) and the back-end (which Mark wrote.) Because we are fluent in different languages, this makes sense as Mark is more confident in Python and Shivani is more confident in CSS and HTML. This however created a big problem of integrating the two parts after we were both done. It was difficult for both of us as neither of us really knew how to put these sites together. While we were unable to solve this problem, we were close to a solution, which we hope to find in the near future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of getting this far. It has been a while since Shivani last put-together a website, and providing a good site which we can use was a bit fun. Building the back-end work with the database in python, Mark, although had some challenges, built a working interface.

What we learned

We learned that hospitals tend to have a hard time managing data. People who spend their lives saving others, need help as well.

By working on this project, we learned a few things. Mark learned how to use a variety of SQL libraries, and I learned how to use CSS code to the best of my ability. I also learned a little bit about integrating code of different languages (although it didn’t exactly work out) Mark was able to strengthen some of his knowledge in HTML, and Shivani was able to strengthen her knowledge in Python.

What's next for Hospital Data Management

We think that if we had a bit more time, we could make this project outstanding. What we have so far is just a template of something that could be much bigger. Today, many hospitals are facing different crises such as mismanagement of data, breaches, and general disorganized data. Our project shows that many of these problems can be relieved with some better organization and security. In the future, we hope to work on this project in the long term in order to also prevent even local overflows in different ER’s and hospitals (from something like COVID) using better management. With our project, we hope to continue to work on it in the future and possibly partner with the local princeton hospital (to use real data) in order to make our project shine.

We also hope to help hospitals in a variety of ways, to help the society, the people, who save our lives every day.

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