Through COVID-19, it is evident that most countries are not prepared to hospitalize as many patients as needed in a large-scale pandemic. As a result, beds in hospitals may be completely full, especially as the virus grows. In emergency situations, those who are sick are unable to find out which hospitals have beds.

With COVID-19 raging across the globe, as a team we wanted to create an app which would aid patients in receiving the fastest care. This would drastically reduce the waste of precious time, especially with a viral infection like COVID-19 where a patient can go from stable to critical condition in seconds. We tackled this problem head on by creating an application that would search for the closest hospital to the patient. It would also allow the user to view whether or not a hospital is taking COVID-19 patients, how many open beds are available and also have the capability of reserving a bed. Hospitals will also have the ability to update information on their statuses in order to provide the most accurate information. Through advanced UI and use of Firebase and the Maps API, we were able to engineer the Hospital Assistant.

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