Inspiration: My (Reshma's) mother is a doctor, and she told me about the challenges that hospitals are facing. I wanted to do something about the coronavirus. I (Alice) on the other, was searching for ways to help with the coronavirus crisis and luckily came across this hackathon. I knew that Reshma was big into science and AI so I asked her if we could partner up and create something. We ended up creating Hospit-AI!

What it does: Our model tells hospitals when they will reach their maximum capacity.

How we built it: We used the AutoML Tables API from the Google Cloud Platform in order to build and test our model.

Challenges we ran into: We initially were not sure which angle we wanted to pursue. We wanted to address both the economic and medical impacts of COVID-19. After much thought and discussion, we decided on a project that had elements of both. Later on, we were not sure how to go about this project. A friend recommended the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to build, optimize, and test our model, so we decided on this. However, it was still challenging to learn how to use this as both of us were completely new to it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Initially, we had no idea how to go about this project. We are proud that we were able to learn how to use the GCP and successfully accomplish our project.

What we learned: We learned how to use the GCP and we learned lots about Machine Learning. Most of all, we learned how to work together as a team and had a great time doing so!

What's next for Hospit-AI: We hope to further develop Hospit-AI to reflect the changing circumstances by adding more data. We eventually hope to have it implemented.

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