As the mother of one of us described, the database for the availability of hospital beds is only updated once or twice a day. That is not enough to fight a pandemic like COVID-19! We decided to step up and build a Database accessible in real-time by computer and phone.

What it does

Doctors and hospital staff have immediate access to all the Information they need, depending on their position. They can see where exactly there is a free bed and the state of each patient in the hospital. (by chamber number, GDPR proof.

How I built it

We have a database which we can access through a server over the Internet to access it via various devices.

Challenges I ran into

LOTS of different unknown programming languages!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's more or less doable!

What I learned

Everything, I guess.

What's next for HospiLive

Dispatch to the Hospital in Strasbourg first, improve on the existing service and then probably dispatch to more Hospitals afterwards. (We hope)

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