Hospital Appointment System An Smart Open Source Appointment system developed on LAMP Stack. Feel Free to contribute.

Inspiration :

To reduce the patient queue in hospital for the appointment with the doctor related to patient diseases and queue for the Enquiry for suitable doctor . So that's why we are come up with a smart Hospital Appointment System to help patients and doctors . it is a part of a Big project and we will add some advance features like user can fix their appointment with doctor whenever he/she wants by using data analysis and other techniques.

Features :

  1. Patient can check their appointment with doctor whether patient's appointment is possible today or not.
  2. After fixing appointment patient can print their appointment letter which will be included patient's diseases description and other details.
  3. Can check the availability of doctor in particular Hospital.
  4. We will be continue with new features to help patients.

To contribute in our project you can on the link : https://github.com/narendra36/HosAppointmentSys

We used the OpenShift to deploy our project . we used php and mysql in our project . To manage our project we used console web interface of OpenShift.

link : https://console.hackathon.openshift.com/console/project/myapp/overview

Lets help them ! :)

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