Horus was inspired by a product developed for Facens, a University with more than 200 employees. Each one of them adding hours in many tasks using Time Tracking Column, but it's was difficult because we could not know how many hours one person has worked on a specific day. With our developed product, we could know which person got the goal of the day and which user worked fewer hours than the goal.

Our App follows these same principles, but now we have better integration with by using the Board View and Board Widget, allowing you to see these same metrics without exiting from Monday.

What it does

With Horus you can see hours added by a person on each day of the year in a beautiful calendar, each day is colorful to help you visualize if the user gets the goal or if he misses some hours on that specific day.

You can click in each day to visualize what tasks that hours were related to and see how long was those tasks. If you need to fix some issue on that day, by clicking on the task, a modal from Monday is presented to you for you to edit that specific task.

Also, you can export hours from each user in one or more boards that you have selected, and if you need the exported hours from the entire board, go to the "Exports" tab and export the tasks for each user of selected boards in CSV, Excel or JSON.

How we built it

We use React with Typescript to built this app, for state management we use Zustand, and for styling, we combine Emotion with And Design and Monday UI Core. The app was deployed to AWS using Cloudfront to serve the content for the entire world.

Challenges we ran into

The challenge was that we needed to have a good understanding of how the Time Tracking Column works and after understanding, how we can present this data and transform the data into information to the final user. By developing a product for Facens supported us with the knowledge of how Time Tracking Column works and this helped a lot when we built this platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of what we have built at this time, as we need to reconcile university, work, and freelance hours to get a few hours to spend on this project. One of our members is doing his Final Work at his University too, so this project has become a good project that we are proud of.

What we learned

We discovered a new world of software development for Monday, we already had experiences developing integrations with Monday, but these integrations were very rustic and we only used the V2 API; We needed to host on our servers without any deep integration with Monday and the person who needed to use this software was required to log out and log in another software just to use the information that Monday already has.

What's next for Horus

The initial features that Horus needed it's already developed and in the future, we want to include more visualizations. Now the Horus focuses on the user and we want to improve this, adding more modes to change the focus instead of the user to the board, making it possible to transition between both of them and include more filters like filter by one person, filter by column, order by the number of hours, and many others. The exporting tab is one of the features that we can improve as well, to include more columns when exporting items and add more controls to what the user wants to export, and perhaps include charts within excel exports.

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