Horton the Tweeting Plant is as it appears - a plant that tweets (@HortonThePlant)! This is a project that involves both hardware and software. We have an arduino hooked up to sensors: Humidity, Tilt, Sound, Temperature, Light and Soil Moisture. We utilize the APIs of Twitter (specifically JTwitter), WUnderground (via JSON) and Twilio. The plant tweets funny statuses based on the sensor readings; too cold, not enough water, and so on. You can also text the plant using the keywords Temperature, Light, Sound, Moisture, Humidity (or anything, for that matter) to get more detailed values at +1 920-351-4761. You can also call to get all of the above sensor information. If you follow Horton on twitter (@HortonThePlant), he will follow you back. He also favorites any mentions of himself! The entirety of this code is built in Java, and we use a serial connection to interface with the arduino. We use a plugin called RXTXComm to allow this, cross-platform.

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