This project was inspired for our passion in space. We love the space community and would love to become involved in some capacity in the space industry one day. As a result, we wish to share that same passion we have through our app Horizons.

What it does

The app utilizes NASA API to scrape information on exo-planets, defined as planets that exist outside of our solar system. Basic information such as planet size, mass, and temperature is contrasted with earth to determine how similar these exo-planets are to earth.

How we built it

This app was built using the NASA Exo-Planet API, the back-end was programmed with python (using pandas to handle the data), the parsed and calculated data was passed towards the front end on bootstrap and programmed in javascript, HTML5, and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

This project came into fruition at midnight before submission. After discussion with our group of 4 we decided that we were not satisfied with the social merit that was being produced in our group project. As a result, our team of 2 split off and decided to do something we are truly passionate about.

The biggest challenge we ran into was time, programming the entire back-end and front-end in a matter of hours before submission.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are incredibly proud of the challenges we overcame, and the fact that we never gave up. With the old team, we ran into obstacles all-day until we reached our breaking point and realized that this idea was not something we were passionate about.

Our team of 2 had the perseverance to take these obstacles in stride, sacrificing sleep, meals, and even phone calls from family to ensure we were able to finish what we started. We can not be more proud to present the best online application to gather interest in Life Beyond Earth - Horizons.

What we learned

From this experience we learned a great deal about API's and how powerful they are in creating applications.

What's next for Horizons

In the future, Horizons will focus on more predictive and implement further information about each planet. Publishing stories about each one, and perhaps focusing on user input; Horizons can become an online focal point for consumers who are interested in space, and Life Beyond Earth.

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