In the next 10-15 years, the rise of autonomous machine to machine payments will become growingly obvious and lucrative industry to serve.

In seeing how soon large scale fleets of autonomous Uber cars will not only drive us, but begin negotiating and paying for their own parking with their fellow smart device such as parking meters, the necessity of a singular platform to manage all of these IoT devices and their related working capital is clear.

With the growth of novel primitives such as cryptocurrency, the ability to microtransact has never been easier, and will provide the substrate to the revolution of machine to machine economy. To tackle this massive opportunity we created Horizon, for managing IoT devices and their associated working capital spending.

What it does

Horizon is to IoT working capital as Amazon Web Services is to computing resources. Horizon provides the ability to create and register hundreds of IoT devices to a single container with a single funding wallet to track, manage and analyze the spending of IoT devices.

IoT devices register with a unique ID, and cryptocurrency address and solicit funds from their governing wallet in order to make purchases from other machines.

How We Built It

Horizon is a Rails Web App and API communicating with a Blockchain to move funds around to IoT devices

Challenges Ran Into

Working with several high complexity technologies made this project difficult. We had trouble connecting to the blockchain and spent many hours attempting to work with Ruby and Ethereum

What We Learned

Many insights about the nitty gritty of ethereum transactions.

What's next for Horizon

Scalable containers, building out the blockchain platform, statistics and in depth analysis.

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