The idea of virtual account and payment towards is the interesting concept.

Corporate accounts can be widely spread across globe so the payment can’t be restricted within one country and Complexity in Viewing transaction details and amount paid from different country. above two made me to build Horizon(Payment beyond Boundaries)

What it does

For consumer: Horizon helps user to pay the amount across the boundaries and also to pay with different country and its currency

For Host: Horizon helps host to implement the payment gateway across globe with less maintenance

How we built it

Built with Mean stack and integrated with below

  1. Integrated Virtual account creation API
  2. Integrated Currency conversion API
  3. Build logic to view transaction report across countries for customer.

Challenges we ran into

Currency Conversion plays the important role when working beyond border payment. Creation of Multiple virtual account for single customer

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm very proud to have a working product and can be easily integrated.

What we learned

I have learnt a lot of authentication process with the Rapyd API and learnt how the virtual account works

What's next for Horizon

Improve the payment logics Integrate the notification system to both vendor and Consumer Efficiently manage the e-wallet Increase more customer experience

Built With

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