Us college students have literally zero dollars to spend. We always dream of going on getaways to cool places across the globe. But, is it worth the money? Is there enough to do? How can I stay within budget? Enter Horizon. What if I took a gamble and took the best vacation of my life?

What it does

Horizon is an application that takes user preferences and matches them to a location they never would have thought of going. The user submits a short questionnaire where our machine learning algorithm matches them with their (unknown) dream vacation.

How we built it

React.js was used in the front end and the Flask library in Python was used in the backend. We utilized Figma to design the front end, GPT3 to create the locations based on user preferences, the Yelp API for food recommendations, and the Trip Advisor API to generate activities.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with an idea was tough since we had a lot of creative fog, but we came up with the idea after some time. The next problem was deciding which APIs to use for different parts of Horizon since some of them weren’t robust enough to use. Lastly, was a massive roadblock in integrating the backend to the front since some of the team had little experience, but we cleared the roadblock and powered on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create a functional app that provides unique locations and events for users, so they don’t have to themselves with less time than we hoped for. Despite the rocky start, we’re more than proud of creating an app that brings surprise to travel!

What we learned

We learned how to effectively merge the front and back end under a constrained workflow, further investigate APIs, and work with a tough API.

What's next for Horizon

• Further tuning the GPT3 inputs to provide a more personalized experience • Add a social media aspect where users rate and share their itineraries to inspire others to explore the unknown • Adding more pages for a more customizable trip (like more diversified options from sky diving to staying at a spa)

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