Family members suffering from arduous "care management", appointment management, and a myriad of issues related to pursuing care, caregivers and calendars of care.

What it does

Hopscotch serves as a single point of access for serialized care. Care itineraries are created from data analysis of care providers information delivered into Hopscotch APIs. Date, time, place, type, care code etc are all considered by our analytics engine and a care itinerary is built.

How I built it

Initial prototypes are built with infusion and sketch. User examples are built with swift, node, java, javascript.

Challenges I ran into

Key challenges are purely data management oriented. Meaning, encouraging care providers and their ISVs to push/pull content in the Hopscotch systems. There are no technical hurdles.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Peer review of the early decks and stories elicited strong positive feedback. I was encouraged by my earliest audiences who were universal in support of such a "socially necessary" system.

What I learned

Build services and systems for humans, not tech, and enthusiastic support will follow.

What's next for Hopscotch

We hope to engage with a major HC provider who has the vision to "roll up" certain data services capable of delivering a better care experience to the global community of care seekers.

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