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Connecting beer nerds to their favourite brew. Craft beer culture is massive in Melbourne and all over the world, but for beer geeks, there's no way to find a vendor who stocks their favourite beer short of making a trip to the brewery. HOPS allows users to enter their beer preference and be shown a map of vendors in their area stocking their beers. The money comes from a subscription that the venues pay to be displayed on the app, as well as anonymous customer data that we sell to brewers to help them better understand their demand.

What it does

Our app will link brewers to consumers. They will upload information about their beers in to our data base and bars around Melbourne will tell us what beers they sell on tap.

We show this to the user in a app, they pick from our list of beers our app will tell them which bars with a radius sell the beer they like on tap. To incentivise users to use the app we can offer discounts on beers found through the app. We can then if the user wants offer them recommendations on what beers to try, based on the beers they like.

How we built it

We build it with android studio and used the google maps api for location services

Challenges we ran into

For a lot us it was the first time using android studio. Setting up and getting used to the peculiarities of this ide used up a very significant amount of time.

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